Ruben Perczek, Ph.D., an international thought leader in the fields of high performance and human potential, is redefining excellence for youth in athletics, the arts and academics. He has created a unique approach to help young people, their coaches/teachers and parents to collaborate, so that the young person owns the dream and reaches the highest potential possible. In his forthcoming book ZONE14: RECOVERING LOST POTENTIAL AND REDISCOVERING WHAT'S POSSIBLE, he unveils his unique approach to accessing possibilities through his 7 Roots of Potential. Since 2002, he has advised, coached, and worked with leaders to boost personal, team, and high performance leadership and cultural development in high performing organizations and institutions.
Using his 7 Roots of Excellence, he's guided unprecedented turnarounds for world-class athletes in tennis, volleyball, basketball, and diving. He works with performers on the court, at the pool, on the field, or on the stage, reminding them of the tools they have learned to maximize their performance in the clutch. As the Director of Performance Psychology at the University of Miami Department of Athletics, Ruben worked with 16 teams where he demonstrated his ability to build cohesion within and among teams by helping all stakeholders to share a common vision.
Ruben’s personal journey puts him in the unique position to lead this movement to redefine excellence for our youth and coach their parents, coaches/teachers and their school administrators on how to support and nurture excellence. By age 15, he was ranked as one of the Top 5 junior tennis players in the world and a five-time national champion in Colombia. Without knowing English or anyone in the United States, he moved to Los Angeles alone at age 15 to pursue his dream of a pro tennis career and further his education. He won a tennis scholarship to the University of California Irvine and dropped out of school to turn pro at age 20. 

After suffering from burnout due to a lack of resources, he founded and acted in a successful theatre production company in Los Angeles. Ultimately, he elected to finish his undergraduate degree and pursued his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami, where he also served as assistant professor in the School of Medicine, and completed his post-doctoral work in the field of Behavioral Medicine at Stanford University Medical School. He has additional coaching and facilitation certifications from The Center for Courage & Renewal, Leadership Embodiment International, The Leadership Maturity Framework, The Values Centre, New Ventures West and Lectica. Ruben has been a student of mindfulness awareness, embodiment and inquiry-based practices since 1991.
By concentrating on the 7 Roots of Excellence, Ruben helps the youth integrate all 7 intelligences of the mind, body and heart for peak performance. As a performance psychologist with life experience at an elite level in all three areas – athletics, the arts and academics --  Ruben focuses on nurturing and strengthening the 7 Roots of Excellence that facilitate the emergence, execution and sustainability of life-long high performance and excellence. Helping teens, young adults and their families, instructors and coaches develop the conditions to flourish and thrive is his passion and his mission. Ruben has been featured as the new voice of performance and potential on He lives with his wife Susana and two children Sylvana, 15, and Juliano, 12.

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